Our clients say it best.

Media Placement

  • Terry Payne / Jim Keras Nissan
    Our #1 sales position is directly related to Pat’s buying prowess. #greatresults
  • Jay Keras / Jim Keras Chevy
    As a dealership, we have never been more visible. #householdname
  • Chris Jones / EPC
    The Electric Power Companies are energy leaders on the efficiencies issue, thanks to Pat’s placements.
  • Dr. Randy Gardner / Dental Bliss
    Everybody knows our story thanks to Pat. #mediaexpert


  • Brad Gibson / MTEMC
    Jon is the #socialmediaking. He’s teaching us well at MTEMC.
  • George Gully / Jim Keras Chevy
    Another great internet selling month at Jim Keras Chevy… every month better than the last.
  • Jonathan White / Peninsula Light
    FB growing and our members like the personal touch.
  • Denise Swanhart / Royal Furniture
    Jon’s FB promotion was through the roof… can’t wait for the next one. #Kudos
  • Connie Potts / Duck River Electric
    Jon has taken Duck River Electric to new levels in membership communications. #personaltouch


  • Jim Keras / Jim Keras Chevy
    Garmezy Media’s “live” Saturday remote is the best thing since the “Mayor” was elected.
  • Dr. Randy Gardner / Dental Bliss
    Andy captured Dental Bliss’ essence. #tvcommercialsrock
  • Brad Gibson / EPC
    Andy is pro in the field and edit suite. EPC’s spot look like national commercials. #creativeguru
  • Mike Kiser / Kiser Floor Fashions
    Andy is a great story teller… our commercials are like mini-movies.