You remember a Garmezy Media commercial or print ad: It has a strong concept, exceptional videography, great editing and a cutting edge graphic look. It is a major market production at a fraction of the cost.

Andy Garmezy spends equal time in the field on shoots, in the edit suite and at his desk. He has been on both sides of the camera, as talent, as a shooter and as a director. It gives him a perspective very few creative directors enjoy. He knows how to challenge and push talent to get the best performance from them and he knows how he wants it to look through the lens. Production crews are always excited to be booked on his shoots, they know it will be well run and organized. Ten to twelve hours days are more enjoyable that way!

Featured Clients

  • Jim Keras Nissan
  • Jim Keras Chevrolet
  • Jim Keras Subaru
  • KISER’s Floor Fashions
  • Dental Bliss
  • Electric Power Companies of Middle Tennessee


Specific Services

  • Writing
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Crew Assembly
  • Post Production/Editing
  • Talent
  • Client Services
  • “Live” Production Capabilities
  • Print Content, Design and Layout

Success Stories

  • Jim Keras / Jim Keras Chevy Garmezy Media’s “live” Saturday remote is the best thing since the “Mayor” was elected.
  • Dr. Randy Gardner / Dental Bliss Andy captured Dental Bliss’ essence. #tvcommercialsrock
  • Brad Gibson / EPC Andy is pro in the field and edit suite. EPC’s spot look like national commercials. #creativeguru
  • Mike Kiser / Kiser Floor Fashions Andy is a great story teller… our commercials are like mini-movies.