Media Buying

Doing more with less or “We won’t outspend them, we’ll outsmart them” is the philosophy that has made Pat Parker one of the country’s most formidable media directors.

She treats her clients’ budgets like it’s her personal money; when it comes to playing hardball with broadcast TV stations, you want Pat on YOUR side.

Just ask us for a list of our clients who love to brag how much they’re saving, yet how big their voice of market is.

Pat Parker, our director of Media, has worked in broadcasting as a sales manager in both radio and TV. She knows how it works from the inside out; nothing escapes her. She knows how to make your budget go farther and have more impact.

Featured Clients

  • Keras Car Central
  • KISER’s Floor Fashions
  • Electric Power Companies of Middle Tennessee
  • Dental Bliss

Specific Services

  • Media Plans
  • Strategy – Short & Long Term
  • Promotions
  • Added Value
  • Invoice Analysis

Success Stories

  • Terry Payne / Jim Keras Nissan
    Our #1 sales position is directly related to Pat’s buying prowess. #greatresults
  • Jay Keras / Jim Keras Chevy
    As a dealership, we have never been more visible. #householdname
  • Chris Jones / EPC
    The Electric Power Companies are energy leaders on the efficiencies issue, thanks to Pat’s placements.
  • Dr. Randy Gardner / Dental Bliss
    Everybody knows our story thanks to Pat. #mediaexpert